Front-end Developer

Job description

Fulfil.IO is an enterprise application and Angular JS was our choice to make our dream into DOM. The same application is also packaged into a desktop app (like slack), and as a mobile application (again like slack). We are seeking someone with:


  • a love-hate relationship with Angular JS. 
  • realizes that everything written will be re-written when Angular 2.0 is out 
  • knows where not to use Angular JS. 
  • and can detect code smells from a mile.

Besides, you should know when an interface is good, bad or ugly.


Since many of us work remotely, you should be able to express yourself clearly on Slack, swear when necessary and argue over a hangout.


The job is a full-time position based out of our Bangalore office in HSR Layout.


Skills and Qualifications

  • Schooling does not matter (education does). 
  • Must know how the web, http in general and web applications work. 
  • Communicative enough to rant, blog and write good commit messages. 
  • Prior experience tinkering with web applications for hobby or money is mandatory. Sorry, we can’t teach you, but you can learn at the job. 
  • Must know what good quality javascript code looks like. (Comes only from experience and you know it when you see it) 
  • Contributions to open source project is a plus.

0 – 2 years of software development experience (professional, freelance or hobbyist)


Must know how to use the following tools

  • Git, Github, Travis or other CI platforms. 
  • Jasmine, Selenium and related testing tools. 
  • Any relational database.