Account Manager

Job description

Are you the kind of person who believes in delighting customers? We need you! besides, you will be happier because you will be working in an environment that believes in doing whatever it takes to make sure customers get the best experience.

As a startup taking on giants that have existed for years, the one area we want to win on is offering great customer experience.


Must Haves:

  • Excellence in English Language and Communication. You should be able to communicate in a casual tone since you would be speaking to fellow human beings who happen to be our customers. 
  • Ability to remain calm, communicate, apologize and make it right when the shit hits the fan. 
  • Empathy - Our software does pretty serious stuff and when things go wrong, nothing could be more irritating than a template response that lacks respect and empathy. (This one is a bit hard to develop if you don’t already have it).



  • Retaining customers and ensuring they are successful using our product. 
  • Do anything it takes to succeed with responsibility 1. 
  • Write blogs and emails. 
  • Call up our customers around the world to ask what we could do to make them more successful. 
  • Never say that you need to talk to another department. Sorry, the buck stops with you.


Our Mission and Vision:

Just kidding! We like personalized service, more individual attention for the customer and phenomenal customer loyalty rates.


If you want to have a better idea of our kind of customer service, then you can do some of the following:


Stalk Sir Richard Branson (just on LinkedIn). We’ve borrowed some customer service ideas from Virgin. 
Read through the gold in the blogs of our friends at Groove HQ.


  • Graduation in computer science, Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Working experience in support, and had the privilege of serving and managing customers for 0-2 Years
  • Ability to empathize and genuine care for customers and creating memorable experiences with the support.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent client facing skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.